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What Does an Executor (or Administrator) Do?

It is an honor to be selected to serve as an executor by a friend or family member and accordingly named in his/her will as the person entrusted with the solemn responsibility for winding up his/her affairs following death. However, it is often also a challenging, time-consuming role requiring sunstantial work for little or no compensation.


Mechanic's Liens 101 for HVAC and Other Contractors

This post is intended to provide a condensed outline regarding the requirements and deadlines for perfecting a lien and to make a few proposals for your consideration. Mechanic's liens are a critically important tool available to builders and other contractors. A mechanic's lien attaches to the house, building or other improvement in preference to any prior lien or mortgage on the property.


Trade Secrets in Texas

The attached PDF is intended to provide you with an overview of trade secret law under the
Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act (TUTSA)